Four Medals Awarded to Marin French Cheese Co. at World Cheese Awards 2023

The country’s oldest cheese company takes home world-class awards for soft-ripened cheeses

Petaluma, CaliforniaMarin French Cheese Co., the country’s oldest cheese company based in Marin County in Northern California, is honored to announce its exceptional achievements at the World Cheese Awards 2023. The prestigious event hosted annually by the Guild of Fine Food, recognized Marin French Cheese Co.’s artisan soft-ripened cheeses with medal awards including Silver for Petite Ash and Bronze for Petite Crème, Petite Suprême, and for the second year in a row, Golden Gate.

The 35th edition of the World Cheese Awards received 4,502 submissions, garnering participation from 954 companies across the world. All entries were judged in a single day, as 264 experts from 38 different nations studied their appearance, texture, aroma, and flavor. Silver and Bronze accolades were awarded to Marin French Cheese Co. cheeses including the following:

SILVER Petite Ash (4 oz., SRP $8.49) is a Triple Crème Brie coated with a thin layer of vegetable ash that gets applied right before the cheese enters the aging room. This process allows the delicate white rind to form in the traditional French brie cheese style around the layer of ash. Once cut into, a dark line can be seen directly under the rind for a visually appealing contrast of color, leaving an extra level of earthy, sometimes blue tasting flavor and an extra-gooey consistency.

BRONZE – Petite Crème (4 oz., SRP $7.99) is a smaller format of the award winning 8oz Triple Crème Brie. It has a thin white bloomy rind over a rich and creamy paste and tastes of fresh, sweet milk. This approachable Petite personifies the marriage of old world technique and California-crafted innovation. Handcrafted by the dedicated team at our historical creamery in Marin County, our Petite Crème is made with cream from local dairies for an extra decadent texture and flavor.

BRONZE – Petite Suprême (4 oz., SRP $8.49) may resemble Petite Crème but has even more cream added, enhancing its already luscious texture. Flavors of sweet milk of local North Bay California cows coupled with notes of fresh grass from the pasture they feed on give this Petite Suprême Brie a deliciously fudgy texture and rich flavor.

BRONZE – Golden Gate (8 oz., SRP $16.99) is a soft-ripened triple crème cheese that gets its striking color from being hand-washed with brine multiple times throughout the 14 day aging process, allowing the cultures naturally present in the coastal air to flourish. Inspired by the vibrant color of the Golden Gate Bridge, this cheese ranges from semi-soft, fudgy, and robust when young to oozing umami as it approaches its best by date. This washed rind cheese is earthy with vegetal aromas and a rich savory flavor.

“This World Cheese Awards victory for Marin French Cheese Co. represents a monumental achievement for our entire team,” says Bonnie Kaufman, Associate Brand Manager of Marin French Cheese Co. “Crafting high-quality cheese is both an art and a labor of love, and this global recognition validates our commitment to preserving our artisanal traditions and continuing our unwavering commitment to innovation and creating incredible cheeses.”

Marin French Cheese Co. has been a pioneer in the cheesemaking industry since 1865 and is known for its exceptional cheeses that consistently surprise and delight cheese enthusiasts and experts alike. Marin French Cheese Co.’s soft-ripened cheeses can be purchased at a selection of specialty grocers and cheese shops nationwide, found on thestorelocator on the brand’s website, or direct to consumer via NorthbayCreameries.

About Marin French Cheese Co.

Marin French Cheese Co. is the country’s oldest cheese company, operating at its historic creamery in Marin County since 1865. Marin French Cheese Co. marries traditional French cheese making techniques with California terroir and innovative spirit to produce award-winning and original cheeses. Made with high-quality local ingredients, its cheeses reflect one of life’s simplest and most authentic pleasures: experiencing good food. For more information, visit or follow on Instagram @marinfrenchcheese or Facebook @marinfrenchcheesecompany.