Steve’s Mediterranean Chef Expands Distribution of Garlic Sauce

DETROIT — Steve’s Mediterranean Chef, known for its handcrafted Mediterranean recipes, reports growing distribution for its line of Garlic Sauce, more often known as “Toum.”  This handcrafted garlic sauce is based on a traditional Lebanese family recipe that dates back several generations. The sauce is now available at regional grocers near the refrigerated dips in the deli section with a suggested retail price of $4.99 to $5.99 per 10 oz. and 12 oz. container respectively. 

“This recipe is the same one my mother made, her mother made, and my grandmother’s mother made,” said Pierre Chammas, founder and CEO of Steve’s Mediterranean Chef. “What makes our sauce different, than the many popping up on shelves today, is it’s all handmade by our passionate employees. As we continue to grow our product offerings, it is important for us to stay true to our roots and share those foods our family has enjoyed for so many decades, so our customers can also share with their families for years to come.”

Steve’s Mediterranean Chef’s Garlic Sauce is homemade with simple ingredients including hand-peeled garlic, often regarded as a great source of antioxidants, olive oil and lemon juice. Many consumers are familiar with garlic sauce as it’s a staple in the popular Mediterranean diet. All products come from within the United States and are gluten-free. The sauce can be enjoyed in several different ways:

  • Spread: One of the most common ways to use garlic sauce is as a condiment, spread on your favorite sandwich
  • Dip: Perfect as a dip with pita flatbread or crackers
  • Sauce: Use as a base for your next salad dressing or marinade

Garlic Sauce is the newest addition to Steve’s Mediterranean Chef’s existing product lineup that includes four hummus varieties and additional Mediterranean delicacies. This among others in our product line are staples of the Mediterranean diet, which is widely considered one of the healthiest diets in the world.

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About Steve’s Mediterranean Chef

Steve’s Mediterranean Chef was founded by Pierre Chammas, a brand leader in the Mediterranean foods industry. From his humble beginnings with Basha Hummus, he created his own brand and proved that there was a market for packaging Mediterranean foods. Since selling, he has started this new venture to continue to merchandise the recipes he knows and has grown up with. For more information, please visit and share your hummus creations and spreads on Facebook and Instagram.