ULMA’s New ARTIC SS C Flow Wrapper: Packaging Machine for Portions of Cheese

ULMA has added a new model of flow pack packaging machine to its catalogue, with side sealing and shrink wrap film (BDF), especially designed for portions of cheese in MAP for direct sale to consumers

This new design, based on the ARTIC side seal machine, ensure airtight packaging and a more visually pleasing end result, without any seals on the cutting side, easy to open and with more space for labelling. A newly developed product by ULMA, with lots of benefits for food safety and its appearance.

Exceptional appearance, with no seals on either side

ULMA has been working for the food industry for decades, a sector that is especially demanding when it comes to safety and where sustainability-related aspects are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we have developed solutions that are fully customised for each product, allowing us to optimise the use of materials, save time and reduce labour costs.

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