Uncommon Fresh Ramen Debuts to Exceptional Praise

Uncommon Fresh Ramen was debuted in early June and met with exceptional praise at the IDDBA in Orlando and United Fresh, Chicago.

The Uncommon Fresh Ramen line was designed to fill a void in retail ramen consumption – the inclusion of fresh components.

At Pearson, we believe that freshness should be accessible to everyone and ramen should be enjoyed the way it was designed. Ramen is meant to be consumed with fresh wheat noodles, steaming in a complex broth and topped with a customizable medley of fresh veg, proteins and more!

Pearson has developed 5 skus of Fresh Ramen to meet consumer demand while meeting retailers needs to offer their customers variety.

The line includes 5 flavors; Pork (Tokumitsu), Chicken, Miso, Ginger, and Sesame. The flavors are derived from pouches of broth, rather than dusty powder.

Each bowl contains a pouch of broth, fresh vegetables, fresh ramen and a garnish.

The vegetables are pre-cut and portioned fresh, then vacuum sealed to maintain freshness while extending shelf life.

Even the bowl is custom! This microwave safe dish is tailor-made to mimic the traditional ramen bowl shape.

While the product is not shelf stable due to it’s fresh components, it has the flexibility to be marketed by the retailers needs. They can be displayed in produce, deli, or even a simple grab-n’-go section!