Vegan Cheese Waits For its Big Moment. These Companies Want to Make it Happen

Fridges across Europe and the U.S. are filled with almond drinks, oat milk and plant-based meat substitutes. So where’s the imitation cheese? Until it starts to taste more like the real thing, it’s likely to stay out of the kitchen.

The global vegan cheese market was worth $1.9 billion last year, according to Future Market Insights. That’s just a tiny fraction of the dairy-alternatives industry and the $121 billion in real cheese. Much of it is mozzarella or cheddar—used in cooking where the taste and feel can be disguised, rather than enjoyed on its own or accompanied by a nice chardonnay.

A new breed of entrepreneurs is trying to change that by ridding fake cheese of its rubbery reputation and getting in on the boom in plant-based burgers, milk, yogurt and ice cream.

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