World Cheese Awards: Parmigiano Reggiano is the Most Awarded Cheese in the World

Reggio Emilia – Parmigiano Reggiano has achieved its best ever result at the World Cheese Awards 2021, winning 126 medals. The World Cheese Awards is the most important cheese competition in the world, which took place in Oviedo, Spain this year as part of the International Cheese Festival from 3rd – 6th November. The international jury consisted of 250 experts who awarded Parmigiano Reggiano an all-time record of 7 Super Gold medals, 6 of which were won by dairies belonging to the National Team. Parmigiano Reggiano is the most awarded cheese in the world and won the most Super Gold medals out of all competitors.

This year, the Parmigiano Reggiano National Team — an association of 96 cheese dairies across provinces in the production area – was the largest ever joint mission abroad promoting an Italian cheese, with 10 more dairies involved than in 2019. This group effort earned the National Team 117 medals: 6 Super Gold (best table cheese), 32 Gold43 Silver36 Bronze. The Super Gold medals were won by Azienda Agricola Grana D’Oro of Reggio Emilia, Latteria Collina of Reggio Emilia, Caseificio Rosola di Zocca of Modena, Caseificio Punto Latte of Modena, Latteria Sociale La Nuova 2000 of Reggio Emilia, and Caseificio Sociale Canevaccia of Bologna. The seventh Super Gold was awarded to the Consortium Latterie Virgilio, which competed independently of the National Team.

Nicola Bertinelli, President of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, commented, “Parmigiano Reggiano has once again demonstrated the qualities of a cheese that is unique in the world. We are going home with our heads held high after battling it out with 4,079 cheeses from 48 countries, leaving with a total haul of 126 medals out of 174 competing entries. This success is a source of pride for the entire supply chain, which involves thousands of breeders and 307 artisan dairies every day in the quest for absolute excellence.”

Gabriele Arlotti, Founder of the National Team, added, “We are celebrating 20 years of work in the best way possible, with Parmigiano Reggiano receiving awards from the Apennines to the plains, from all the provinces in the area of origin, and in all its biodiversity: milk from Friesian, Red, White Modena, and Bruna Alpina Brown cows. As an interesting fact, we are once again the cheese with the highest number of Super Gold medals and overall medals. Congratulations to the team in Spain for an event that attracts an audience from all over the world.”

The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium also sponsored a new award for the Best Female Cheesemaker, which was awarded to Silvia Peláez Navero, owner of Queseria Quesos y Besos which produces Olavidia cheese, a soft goat’s cheese that won the title of the World’s Best Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2021.

Below are the details of the medals won by the Parmigiano Reggiano National Team.


Super Gold

  Caseificio Sociale Canevaccia      over 40 months


  San Giovanni di Querciola          24-29 months

  Caseificio Sociale Canevaccia      24-29 months


  Fattoria San Rocco         24-29 months

  Casearia di Sant’Anna    24-29 months

  San Giovanni di Querciola          30-39 months


  Caseificio Fior di Latte    18-23 months

  Caseificio Fior di Latte    24-29 months

  Fattoria San Rocco         24-29 months



  Latteria Venera Vecchia             30-39 months

  Latteria Marzette          30-39 months

  Latteria Quistello           over 40 months


  Latteria Quistello           30-39 months


  Latteria Venera Vecchia             24-29 months

  Caseificio Frizza             24-29 months

  Latteria Vo Grande        30-39 months

  Latteria Sociale Gonfo   over 40 months

  Latteria Vo Grande        over 40 months

  Caseificio Frizza             over 40 months


Super Gold

  Rosola di Zocca             30-39 months

  Punto Latte       30-39 months


  Cooperativa Casearia Castelnovese        24-29 months

  Caseificio Razionale Novese       over 40 months

  Albalat              24-29 months

  4 Madonne Caseificio dell’Emilia            30-39 months 


  Caseificio Dismano        24-29 months

  Bonlatte            30-39 months

  Caseificio Casello           30-39 months

  San Lorenzo      30-39 months

  4 Madonne Caseificio dell’Emilia            over 40 months

  Antica Latteria Ducale    over 40 months

  San Lorenzo      over 40 months


  Caseificio Bioregiani      18-23 months

  Punto Latte       24-29 months

  Caseificio La Cappelletta            24-29 months

  Caseificio Dismano        30-39 months

  Cooperativa Casearia Castelnovese        30-39 months

  Latteria di Campogalliano          30-39 months

  San Bartolomeo            30-39 months

  Latteria di Campogalliano          over 40 months



  Casearia Castelli Gruppo Lactalis            24-29 months

  Caseificio Ugolotti         24-29 months

  Caseificio di Ravarano e Casaselvatica    30-39 months

  Cooperativa Casearia Agrinascente        over 40 months

  FRATELLI BRUGNOLI      over 40 months

  Il Battistero       over 40 months


  Caseificio Gennari Sergio & Figli             24-29 months

  Caseificio Sociale Palazzo           24-29 months

  Casearia Castelli            24-29 months

  San Bernardino di Caramaschi Mario e C.            30-39 months

  Cooperativa Casearia Agrinascente Sac   30-39 months

  Caseificio San Pietro Val Parma   30-39 months

  Fratelli Boldini   30-39 months

  Caseificio Sociale di Urzano        over 40 months

  Caseificio San Pietro Val Parma   over 40 months


  Araldi Pietro e Luigi       30-39 months

  Caseificio Gennari Sergio & Figli             30-39 months

  Consorzio Produttori Latte         30-39 months

  Casearia Castelli Gruppo Lactalis            30-39 months

  Caseificio Ugolotti         30-39 months

  Fratelli Boldini   24-29 months

  Ambrosi            over 40 months


Super Gold

  Grana D’Oro Vacche Rosse         24-29 months

Latteria Collina    24-29 months

  Latteria Sociale La Nuova 2000   over 40 months


  Latteria La Grande         over 40 months

  Latteria Barchessone     30-39 months

  Latteria Villa Curta         30-39 months

  Casearia Tricolore          30-39 months

  Latteria del Fornacione              30-39 months

  Latteria Barchessone     over 40 months

  Caseificio di Gavasseto   over 40 months

  Antica Fattoria Caseificio Scalabrini        24-29 months

  Latteria San Giovanni Della Fossa           24-29 months

  Latteria Molinazza         18-23 months


  Soc. Agricola Barba Piergiorgio e F.lli      over 40 months

  Caseificio Cavola           18-23 months

  Agricola Società Agricola            18-23 months

  Latteria Villa Curta         24-29 months

  Fattoria Fiori     24-29 months

  Latteria Roncocesi         24-29 months

  Latteria di Migliara        24-29 months

  Latteria Centro Rubbianino        24-29 months

  Caseificio Allegro           24-29 months

  Caseificio di Gavasseto   30-39 months

  Latteria Moderna          30-39 months

  Fattoria Fiori     30-39 months

  Caseificio Il Boiardo       30-39 months

  Caseificio Allegro           30-39 months

  Latteria San Girolamo    30-39 months

  Caseificio di Marola       30-39 months

  Latteria Cagnola            30-39 months

  Latteria Centro Rubbianino        30-39 months

  Latteria San Giovanni Della Fossa           30-39 months

  Latteria Moderna          over 40 months

  Latteria San Girolamo    over 40 months

  Nuova Latteria Fontana             18-23 months


  Casearia Fratelli Dotti    24-29 months

  Latteria Garfagnolo       24-29 months

  Latteria La Grande         24-29 months


  Caseificio Agricolo del Milanello             24-29 months

  Caseificio Il Boiardo       24-29 months

  Latteria di Migliara        30-39 months

  Latteria San Pietro         30-39 months

  Latteria Molinazza         30-39 months

  Grana D’Oro Vacche Rosse         over 40 months

  Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo      over 40 months

  Antica Latteria Centro Re           over 40 months