AIPH & FCI webinar defines the road to recovery for the ornamental horticulture industry

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and its magazine, FloraCulture International (FCI), had a massive response from ornamentals growers from around the world who joined its free webinar on 30 June 2020.

The event was titled: Supporting Growers Coming Out of The Covid-19 Crisis, with more than 300 people registering from 48 countries and more than half attending the live event at 4pm (CEST) facilitated by experienced webinar organiser, Jungle Talks.

Traumatic and immediate has been the impact of this invisible virus on the global green industry. The livelihoods of many growers have been squeezed by the impact to their traditional marketplaces, the transport supply chain and the health and safety of workers