Alexandra Farms Introduces Seven Garden Rose Varieties to its Diverse Collections

Alexandra Farms, the world’s largest grower of fresh-cut garden roses, proudly announces the latest additions to our collections. We continually search for and test garden roses to find those that are worthy of a welcome into our family of unique varieties. In addition to special colors, shapes and fragrances, roses must have at least a 10-day vase life after being nurtured, harvested, carefully packaged and shipped under the expert care of our team in Bogotá, Colombia.

Deluxe Garden Roses

As its name suggests, there’s no other comfort quite like the light mocha and mauve petals of Café Latte. This much-loved variety has a unique color, shape and fragrance. Her strong lavender scent emits through layers of spiral-petaled blooms for a sophisticated and surprising touch. This highly sought-after variety is a true delight!

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