Garden Roses: Romantic Elegance

Garden roses have increased in popularity over recent years, especially for events such as weddings, but what exactly is a garden rose? Well, they are essentially roses which have a unique aesthetic, typified by a central mass of clustered petals surrounded by a loose halo of outer petals.

Alexandra Farms Introduces Seven Garden Rose Varieties to its Diverse Collections

April 11, 2023 Alexandra Farms

Alexandra Farms, the world’s largest grower of fresh-cut garden roses, proudly announces the latest additions to our collections. We continually search for and test garden roses to find those that are worthy of a welcome into our family of unique varieties. In addition to special colors, shapes and fragrances, roses must have at least a 10-day vase life after being nurtured, harvested, carefully packaged and shipped under the expert care of our team in Bogotá, Colombia.

Altman Plants Announces True Bloom Roses Garden Trials Results

November 12, 2021 Altman Plants

Altman Plants, one of the nation’s largest breeders and growers of garden roses, today reported garden trials results for the True Bloom™ Roses collection, including positive garden-worthy findings for five significant hybrid rose varieties. The evaluation involved extensive internal plant trials followed by numerous external plant performance trial sites.

Alexandra Farms Announces the Garden Rose Design Winners

September 4, 2020 Alexandra Farms

The 3rd Garden Rose Design Contest has been held and the winners have been selected! Entries were received between May 1st and June 28th on our website

Alexandra Farms Introduces Five New Varieties of Fresh Cut Garden Roses

May 18, 2020 Alexandra Farms

Alexandra Farms proudly announces the latest additions to our collections. The varieties being released this year are truly special, with fantastic shapes, colors and versatility that ensure these blooms will be in demand around the world.