All-America Selections Provides List of Young Plant Suppliers and their Availability of AAS Winners

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – In unprecedented quantities, North American young plant suppliers are offering AAS Winners as both plugs and liners for 2022.

All-America Selections (AAS) has just posted to their website, a list of participating young plant suppliers and the AAS Winners they are producing.

 “We are thrilled that more young plant growers are choosing AAS Winners for their assortments. Consumers benefit from easy access to fantastic garden performers and these participating growers improve the supply chain throughout North America.” states AAS President Scott Rusch of BloomStudios.

The participating young plant suppliers (thus far) are:

  • Jolly Farmer
  • Knox Horticulture
  • Natural Beauty Plant Growers
  • Pacific Plug & Liner
  • Raker-Roberta’s
  • Mast Young Plants
  • Sunbelt Greenhouses
  • Swift Greenhouses
  • Wenke Greenhouses

As additional growers provide their lists, the online form will be updated.

The report, in a sortable Excel format, can be downloaded from the AAS website.

All questions and/or comments can be directed to AAS Executive Director Diane Blazek


All-America Selections was founded in 1932 and continues as the oldest independent plant testing organization trialing in North America. Every year, never-before-sold varieties are trialed in our Trial Grounds where professional horticulturists determine which varieties will be deemed winners based on their garden performance. AAS relies upon a public relations program to inform gardeners about AAS Winners that are announced three times a year.