AmericanHort Announces the 2019 HortScholars

Columbus, Ohio – With so much variability in the labor market, AmericanHort knows how important it is for the future of our industry to identify and support emerging leaders in horticulture. For the past thirteen years, AmericanHort has identified and supported six students with a passion and drive for the horticulture industry through the HortScholars program.

The 2019 HortScholars will be set on a path to success at Cultivate’19 where they will be exposed to the breadth of the horticulture industry, its opportunities, and its leaders. The program offers a beyond-the-classroom experience, giving insight and awareness of the industry, its supply chain, and where they might find a home for their passion. With a focus on professional development, the HortScholars will attend educational sessions, network, and work with industry mentors during Cultivate’19.

With almost 50 applications submitted, we are excited to announce that 2019 was another record-breaking for HortScholar applications. Chosen from a very competitive pool of applicants, AmericanHort is proud to present the 2019 HortScholars.

Josiah Bale is pursuing a degree in Horticultural Science at The Ohio State University focusing on Greenhouse and Nursery Management. From a young age, he has had a passion for plants and that has led him to complete several internships in different segments of the horticulture industry, including: a wholesale nursery, retail garden center, and even a non-profit aquaponic facility.

Kalyn Helms is attending University of Arkansas majoring in Horticulture, Landscape, and Turf Science with an emphasis in Greenhouse Production and a German minor. She also works as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in greenhouse production. After graduation, she hopes to do research on sustainable alternatives in the field of floriculture.

Marcus Jansen is working on his master’s at Iowa State University, researching the physiological responses and performance of peach and nectarine trees grown in a high tunnel production system compared to a conventional field production system. He has held internships with Bachmans Inc., the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, and Ball Horticultural Company.

Andrew Kielion is a student in the Horticulture Program at College of DuPage pursuing a Horticulture AAS, Greenhouse Management Certificate, and Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate. His interest in plant breeding led to his employment at the College of DuPage Greenhouse and PanAmerican Seed Research Company. He is even working on a few capsicum hybrids in his home garden.

Annika Kohler is a master’s student at Michigan State University studying herb and ornamental production in controlled environments.Her passion for horticulture is led by her drive to produce edible and ornamental crops sustainably without compromising quantity or quality. With a background in both organic field production and controlled environments, she hopes to become a research technician for a controlled environment company.

Felicia Millet has worked as an arborist in Connecticut for the past seven years. This year, she enrolled in the University of Connecticut’s Associate Degree program in Plant Science, concentrating on Ornamental Horticulture, to learn more about ornamental trees and shrubs in the New England region. Her interest in finding replacements for invasive species in the landscape has led her to become more involved in nursery production and plant propagation.

The HortScholars will be giving Ignite! presentations at Cultivate’19 on Monday, July 15 at 11:00 AM in the Knowledge Center on the trade show floor. Join us at Cultivate’19 and meet the future leaders of the horticulture industry.


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