Beekenkamp Plants & Syngenta Flowers NA Announce Joint Poinsettia Marketing & Supply Chain Initiative

Beekenkamp Plants and Syngenta Flowers North America announced today a new partnership combining their poinsettia portfolios and supply chain for the 2019 season and beyond.

Beekenkamp and Syngenta Flowers have combined their portfolios of innovative poinsettia genetics to offer North American brokers and growers a full range of top-tier varieties. This combination of strong genetic options and robust supply chain will allow Beekenkamp and Syngenta to satisfy the diverse requirements of North American growers.

Scott Valentine Head of Flowers North America, said this new partnership will leverage the long history of quality genetics and supply of Syngenta Flowers with the innovative new breeding of both companies, giving growers and brokers a true one-stop shop for all of their poinsettia needs.

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