Choosing the Perfect Plant by Form + Function

Selecting plants for your garden goes far beyond picking out pretty blooms. While flowers are undeniably delightful, a truly successful garden considers the entire plant throughout the seasons. This article will explore various criteria to consider when choosing plants, ensuring a vibrant and interesting landscape year-round.

Structure and Form:

● Growth Habit: Think about the intention behind your planting. Do you desire a privacy screen with columnar arborvitae, a specimen plant with the stately pyramidal form of blue spruce, or a ground cover with the spreading tendrils of creeping jenny? Consider the plant’s overall shape and how it will complement your existing plantings.

● Foliage: Consider the plant’s leaves beyond just color. Fine, feathery ferns bring a delicate touch to a shady nook, while bold hostas offer textural contrast next to smooth river stones in a Japanese garden. Evergreens provide winter structure in borders, and silvery foliage like lamb’s ear adds a whimsical touch to a rock garden.

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