Costa Farms Offers Look at 2023 Plant Varieties

Miami, Florida — Costa Farms is opening its Trial Garden to brokers, growers, garden centers, and other industry members for an opportunity to preview 2023 genetics. The event will run from March 9 to 12, ahead of California Summer Trials (CAST), which is scheduled for Week 13.

“We’re excited to present the new genetics with our Miami Florida Season Premiere Gardens,” says John Sieg, Vice President of Research and Development at Costa Farms. “This is an opportunity to showcase new selections from breeding companies across the world in one location,” he added.

The Costa Farms Trial Garden offers a series of beautifully designed landscape beds and row beds to compare plant performance. Hanging basket trials and mixed-container garden trials provide solutions for decks and patios. Plants will be transplanted into the Trial Garden in December 2021. They’re evaluated throughout the spring and summer of 2022 to determine the best performers. “These early trials mimic the spring weather conditions throughout much of North America, giving a good early read. As the season progresses, we look at summer performance of these genetics, as well,” says Sieg.

Participants can register online HERE. Upon registering for the event, participants will receive emails from Costa Farms with more specific event information. Attendance will be limited to 250 individuals per day to prevent overcrowding of the Trial Garden.

In addition to seeing new genetics planted in the ground to assess performance, Costa Farms is working with representatives from more than a dozen sponsoring breeding companies, including Ball FloraPlant, Dummen Orange, PanAmerican Seed, Sakata, Suntory, and Syngenta Flowers to be on hand and available to provide new technical information about their new releases. Select breeders will also have their top genetics on display in an area where they’re grown out as they would appear at retail.

“This is a major opportunity for brokers and other members of the green industry to see all of the new releases at one time and in one place,” said Sieg. “Since consumer investment in the home market continues to remain strong, this event will showcase what are sure to be the best of the ‘most wanted’ plants for 2023,” he continued. The Costa Farms Season Premiere event also presents an opportunity to socialize with other members of the industry with a cocktail party and dinner in the garden on Thursday, March 10, 2022.

About Costa Farms

Costa Farms is the largest grower of indoor ornamental plants in the world. The company stretches over 5,200 acres and employs more than 5,000 people. Along with thriving indoor and bedding plant divisions as part of its infrastructures, with operations domestically in Florida and North and South Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic and Far East.