10 Proven Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies to Help Your Floral Business Win!

Here we go! We’re just weeks away from the BIG GAME! No, not THAT big game… the floral industry big game: Valentine’s Day! After all, Valentine’s Day is like our Super Bowl, right? And as always, we want to make sure you’re ready to win BIG! Here are ten proven marketing strategies to help you do just that:

  1. Run a Valentine’s Day Sale

Sure, flowers are always a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer a sale: Promoting specific arrangements at a discount will help you reach those customers who are looking for a bargain. You may even want to feature a “Deal of the Day” over the entire week before Valentine’s Day, with a discount on a different arrangement each day. Use emails, social media, and website pop-ups to promote your sale.

  1. Use Targeted Pop-up Ads

No matter what you promote, you’ll want plenty of people on your email list. And pop-ups are a fantastic way to generate email addresses! It’s easy to create a pop-up on your website that offers a discount on their upcoming Valentine’s Day purchase when they provide their email. Make sure you design and upload your pop-ups now so that you can gather as many emails as possible for your upcoming promotions.

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