Dümmen Orange Introduces 2024-2025 Perennials Catalog

Dümmen Orange displayed its extensive lineup of annuals, perennials, potted crops, and houseplants during 2024 CAST at Center of Effort winery in Arroyo Grande, Calif.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dümmen Orange successfully wrapped up its participation in the recently completed 2024 California Spring Trials (CAST). Attendance was very high at this year’s event and there were many highlights from the memorable week. 

The Simply the Best geranium display drew significant attention from CAST attendees. A new featured series called Glory Days was the standout with its new heat-tolerant geraniums complete with single-flowered ivy blooms and darker green leaves. Glory Days has great branching with a trailing habit and medium vigor which work well in baskets and planters.  

Empress® Sun Kiss, an early verbena with strong genetics, is a new early series with heat and humidity tolerance which extends its bloom season. Its mounding habit has a compact-medium vigor which makes them ideal for premium containers and mixed combinations. Empress® Sun Kiss features upward-facing flowers that create an umbrella of vibrant color.

Candy Corn is a new and vivid variety which was added to the Hypnotica® series of dahlias. Aptly named for its candy corn look of bright yellow, orange and white, these dahlias have a medium-vigorous habit and excellent branching.

CAST attendees voted on their new favorite combinations after viewing numerous Confetti Garden® and Garden Party mixes that were on display. The Garden Party mix that received the most votes was Garden Party Icons Queen of Talk. It is part of a new series of Garden Party mixes called Icons. Each combination is a tribute to an iconic woman who left a mark on the world. Every Icons mix features one of Dümmen Orange’s Salvia Icon varieties that give the series its name. The Confetti Garden® top pick was the new Confetti Garden® Trio Mix Blueberry Parfait, a multi-species mix of well-balanced and timed blooms for spring and summer.

The La Diva lavender display showcased Eternal Elegance lavender with breakthrough genetics and a hanging basket concept. A game-changer in angustifolia types, this English lavender has a profusion of blooms from very early spring, continuing non-stop throughout the summer months. It stands out for its first-year flowering without the need for vernalization as typical English lavender requires. La Diva Eternal Elegance is Dümmen Orange’s most compact variety which packs on an endless number of blooms for smaller container sizes.

Dümmen Orange introduced four new perennials series at 2024 CAST including Delosperma Solstice, Delosperma Rock Crystal, Dianthus Cliff, and Buddleja Little Rockstars. As CAST attendees noticed, Dümmen Orange is squarely focused on growing its perennials category to fuel current and future company growth. Key varieties such as Salvia Noble Knight are just one example of how Dümmen Orange is expanding product availability. Salvia Noble Knight has large purple-to-blue flowers which may be eye catching but its flower power is what will keep it in any grower’s production rotation. Its thick, weather-tolerant flowers are self-cleaning and the plant remains attractive even when its petals fall. Featuring a compact mounding habit, Salvia Noble Knight has great branching and early flowering.  

Surrounding 2024 CAST, Dümmen Orange also introduced its 2024-2025 perennials catalog. Many new and improved varieties are featured in this perennials catalog including: Agastache Betterbuzz (Pink, Red), Aubrieta Rock On Purple Imp., Buddleja Little Rockstars (Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White), Delosperma Rock Crystal (Candy Red, Magenta Pop, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow), Delosperma Solstice (Orange, Purple, Purple Bicolor, Red, Scarlet Red, Yellow), Dianthus Cliff (Pink Spot, Red Spot), Dianthus Pemán Red, Dianthus Rock Candy, Erysimum WallArt Lavender, Phlox Early® (Blush Pop, Lavender Pop), Phlox Spring® (Late Pink, Late White), Phlox Spring® Dark Leaf Pink, and Phlox Woodlander® (Periwinkle, Purple) among others.  

About Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange is a leading global breeder and propagator of flowers and plants, offering an impressive portfolio of patented crops and varieties to growers, wholesalers and retailers around the world. With a legacy more than a century in the making, a world-class R&D team, and a diversified network of owned propagation sites supported by a global supply chain, Dümmen Orange is the trusted source for industry expertise and breeding advancement. 

Globally accessible and locally embedded, Dümmen Orange continues to be close to its customers and business partners, and helps them grow. As a global leader in floriculture, Dümmen Orange stands out as the value chain partner that takes responsibility for people, communities and the environment. Dümmen Orange is headquartered in De Lier, Netherlands and employs 6,600 people worldwide.

For more information on Dümmen Orange, visit na.dummenorange.com.