Dutch Companies Build App For Ornamental Horticulture

Dümmen Orange and application developer Synobsys have joined forces to build a unique app for growers in the ornamental horticulture sector. This app can be used to share important knowledge about varieties, cultivation strategies and, for example, pests and diseases. The acquired information will help growers throughout the world take the quality of their products to an even higher level. Dümmen Orange’s customers can start testing the app for the first time early in 2020.

In order to help growers provide their crops with the best possible cultivation conditions and make it easier for them to access advice and support, Dümmen Orange is focusing not only on the genetic development of ornamental crops but also on providing electronic access to knowledge and cultivation data. The new app will thus share both basic and more in-depth knowledge about all the Dümmen Orange varieties. This will involve not only how to start a new crop but also information about the different cultivation phases of a variety.

It is also a direct help line for growers. For instance, a chat function allows users to upload photos of plants and request information about them. An optional “diary” for recording observations and measurements can be kept for each variety. In addition to providing easier access to knowledge about specific varieties and their cultivation processes, the app is also designed to help growers save time, lower risks, plan better and, of course, improve the quality of their products.

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