Floral Pros Brought Blooming Energy and Excitement to the Bloom Together After Party

Miami, FL — The floral industry gathered in Miami to attend WF&FSA’s Floral Distribution Conference, where the theme was ‘The Future in Bloom.’ The goal was to enrich knowledge, drive success, make connections, and learn from each other. That sentiment continued at the Above All Flowers & New Bloom Solutions’ third annual Bloom Together After Party, where more than 250 people and the city of Doral Mayor Christi Fraga gathered.

The Bloom Together After Party was created out of a simple question that owner and founders Sahid Nahim and David Kaplan of Above All Flowers & New Bloom Solutions asked themselves: What advancements, innovations, and growth could be achieved if all segments of the floral industry worked together? Both Sahid and David agree that it begins with getting all of the industry stakeholders together.

This year, the visionary event was held at The Doral Yard on March 6, 2023, in a 20,000 sq ft. venue that provides co-working stations, indoor/outdoor meeting and event areas, and a food hall for independent restaurateurs. The Doral Yard was created to be a local incubator for entrepreneurial ideas where guests can test, iterate, and validate concepts fostering the importance of innovation and community connection — the very idea that Sahid and David have for the floral industry.

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