Flowers of Colombia Promotes Beauty and Diversity of Colombian Flowers With “Flower Tribute Tour” Initiative

The “Flower Tribute Tour” was started in September 2018 by AsocolfloresFlowers of Colombia® and the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture and it has already impacted millions of people around the world. This unique initiative, which aims to demonstrate that Colombian flowers can easily be incorporated in the different cultures of consumers, translates the purpose of Asocolflores to take advantage of the diversity of varieties, people and styles of Colombia and offer them to the world. The United Kingdom and Japan were the first beneficiary countries, paying tribute respectively to the diversity of English rock and Japanese women.

Asocolflores has also engaged in several other new initiatives with its brand Flowers of Colombia®.  The brand participated in 2018 in various international fairs such as the Moscow Flowers Expo. An alliance was made with the famous fashion magazine Marie Claire and the renowned designer Massa Nakagawa to showcase dresses with flowers in the luxury district of Ginza, Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district. In South Korea, an original and multi-sensory experience of flowers and coffee was offered that made local consumers discover flowers in a different way.

To keep spreading the beauty & magic of flowers and inform about its various campaigns and activities, Flowers of Colombia® has recently launched a new blog – it’s worth checking it out! 

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