Life in Bloom Inspires Viewers to Enjoy Flowers!

Grand Rapids, MI – “This is exactly what I had hoped would happen – that people would not only watch the show, but be motivated to try arranging flowers – and experience the benefits themselves,” says J Schwanke, host and creator of the television show “Life in Bloom,” seen nationwide on public television stations (PBS).

“My initial goal was to make people comfortable with flowers,” J continued. “I wanted to remove the intimidation factor. Have you ever noticed when someone gives a bouquet – like a hostess gift – neither the gifter nor the recipient wants to arrange them. They love the flowers, but are afraid they won’t place them in the vase correctly.” J shows viewers simple techniques that lead to success.

“Remember, the only person you really need to please is yourself, so give it a try!” J noted. “And judging by the response to the show and the dramatic uptick in flower sales, viewers are succeeding!”

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