Mayesh Wholesale Florist: Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19

So little is known about how the flower industry works and how much really goes into the flowers in the arrangement on your kitchen counter or the bouquet you held at your wedding. Because our industry falls in the grey area of COVID-19 orders & mandates, and because some of our decisions have come into question regarding our interpretation of these orders, we decided the time is now to speak up for ourselves. If we don’t, who will? 

Please help us share our story to educate the public and highlight the potentially devastating impacts of COVID-19 on the longevity of our beloved flower industry by sharing this blog post or by sending the media kit we have created (download below) to your contacts.

From the outside looking in, we’re “just in the flower business” – weddings, events, funerals, etc. – deemed nonessential by city and state governments. However, though our product may be deemed nonessential, the livelihoods of the thousands of people working in this industry are not. And, we do believe that although you don’t need flowers to survive, they have proven positive effects on our happiness and mental health.

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