Mayesh Covid-19 Update April 17

April 20, 2020 Mayesh Wholesale Florist

“This week we continued to ship flowers out to customers all across the country from both LAX and Miami. We are sending out local California product from LAX while Miami is facilitating the Mayesh Direct BoxLot orders that are coming through our e-commerce site at ”

Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19: Now What?

April 15, 2020 Mayesh Wholesale Florist

What should we all do next to support our beloved floral industry? How can we make a difference? How can we help create change?

Mayesh Wholesale Florist: Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19

April 10, 2020 Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Because our industry falls in the grey area of COVID-19 orders & mandates, and because some of our decisions have come into question regarding our interpretation of these orders, we decided the time is now to speak up for ourselves. If we don’t, who will?

Mayesh Wholesale Florist Temporarily Suspends Branch Operations

March 31, 2020 Mayesh Wholesale Florist

“As of March 26, Mayesh has temporarily suspended operations in each of our 19 branches. We anxiously await the moment when we can reopen, restaff and reengage our many growers and customers. ”

Mayesh Flower Madness

It is March, the month of madness and we wanted to join in on the fun with FLOWER MADNESS!