Next Steps FSI Beyond 2020: Engaging With Members

Currently FSI members are focusing all their efforts towards achieving the 90% target in the coming one-and-a-half year. 2020 will come fast enough and it is crucial that they also prepare for after 2020, to have clear and common objectives moving forward.

Interviews and desk research conducted in 2018 have pointed three key opportunities to move the sector forward on sustainability: 1) Measurable indicators; 2) Increased transparency; and 3) Market incentives.
In this next phase, FSI members have taken a more active role in defining the key themes and how issues will be prioritized, addressed, and progress assessed. On June 4 just before IFTEX FSI organised in cooperation with Kenya Flower Council, a consultation session in Nairobi where regional stakeholders and FSI members present in Kenya were invited. It was a very constructive discussion on the social and environmental themes relevant for the industry and how the sector can address them together. The need for robust data and record keeping as well as meaningful communication were two recurring themes to advance both social and environmental practices in the sector.

On 27 June, a number of FSI members participated in the beyond 2020 environmental workshop, during which they further determined how the themes and activities will be prioritized to make sure the sector continues working with ambitious goals. Next steps will be to define the KPIs and methodology that will shape the FSI2025 ambition and lead to more sustainable environmental practices in the sector for the coming 5 years.