Royal FloraHolland: “Inspire People to Produce Sustainably”

April 12, 2019 Royal FloraHolland

FleuraMetz is a global wholesaler for flowers, plants and accessories. The company’s focus is on florists. The wholesaler is a member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) and is one of the Accelerators. “We recognize that we have an impact on the environment and take responsibility for this.” That is what sustainability is, according to Susanne van der Mark. The Corporate Social Responsibility Officer shares her vision and explains how FleuraMetz cooperates to achieve sustainability.

Floriculture Sustainability Initiative: Strengthening the Basket of Standards to Reflect Good Practices

April 4, 2019 Union Fleurs

Introduced at the FSI General Assembly on 24 January in Essen, the next steps for theFSI basket of Standards will be to gradually include additional environmental benchmarking criteria with an emphasis on reliable data and record-keeping.

Royal FloraHolland: Together With Members, Making Production and the Market Place More Sustainable

March 11, 2019 Royal FloraHolland

“I prefer to speak of sustainable development rather than sustainability. That suggests a proactive and lasting approach. Sustainability is not just the latest craze.” These are the words of Stefanie Miltenburg, Sustainability Program Manager at Royal FloraHolland, one of the accelerators of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI).

Certification, a Must or a Trend?

January 21, 2019 Royal FloraHolland

Consumer demand for honest, reliable and sustainably produced flowers and plants is growing. Traders, including retailers, are becoming increasingly demanding on the subject of sustainability. ‘Sustainable cultivation’ means compliance with a sustainability certificate.