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Selecta One is a new member of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

April 28, 2022 Selecta One

As a member of FSI, we support the overarching FSI goal of a ” transparent and responsible supply chain” in 2025. Under the three pillars of ” Responsible Production and Trade”, “Responsible Conduct” and “Integrated Reporting”, we are thus committed to achieving four objectives by 2025:

FSI 2025: Enhancing Sustainability in Floriculture

FSI multistakeholder members, including producers, traders and retailers have set ambitious aims with a bold strategic plan for enhancing responsibility and transparency within the floriculture supply chain by 2025.

Dutch Flower Group: Improving Wild Harvesting Practices and Transparency in the Floral Chain

October 22, 2020 Dutch Flower Group

For many years, Dutch Flower Group (DFG) is committed to make the floral chain more sustainable, through several initiatives like Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). Wild harvesting of foliage or decorative greens is currently out of scope within the FSI sustainable sourcing guidelines, because none of the approved certification schemes makes allowance for wild harvesting practices.

13 New Members Joined Floriculture Sustainability Initiative in 2019

Floriculture Sustainability Initiative is happy to present another 8 new members who joined their active network.

Next Steps FSI Beyond 2020: Engaging With Members

August 22, 2019 Union Fleurs

Currently FSI members are focusing all their efforts towards achieving the 90% target in the coming one-and-a-half year. 2020 will come fast enough and it is crucial that they also prepare for after 2020, to have clear and common objectives moving forward.