Salvia Feathers Peacock Best Novelty KVBC Spring Challenge

The unique, pollinator-friendly Salvia Feathers Peacock (‘Bocofpea’) was awarded not one but two awards at the KVBC Spring Challenge last week.

Of the 11 varieties that were signed up for the Spring Challenge, Salvia Feathers Peacock brought home both the Golden Medal and the title Best Novelty. The deeply inside foliage and habit make this an exquisite specimen, according to the judges. Being airy and elegant, it differentiates itself from other Salvia varieties. “This plant is widely applicable; in both garden and public green spaces. A very versatile plant,” as stated by the judges.

This stunning new introduction to the Salvia family is airy, elegant and fragrant, and produces an abundance of blooms tightly packing each stem from May to August. A one-of-a-kind buffet for pollinators! Salvia Peacock Feathers is drought tolerant and deer resistant and thrives in full sun or part shade alike. Being fully hardy, they thrive outside all year round and reach a mature height of approximately 45cm (18′).