Five Novelty Introductions to Keep an Eye On

We’ve nearly reached the end of this year’s summer, but growers all across the globe have their eyes on the future. 

This last week of August, Plantipp introduced no less than five novelties to the market: 

  • Campsis Golden Trumpet (‘Mincamja3’PBR), 
  • Clematis Manju PBR, 
  • Mangave Mad about Mangave® ‘Red Wing’ PBR, 
  • Nandina Red Light (‘NRL2015’PBR) and 
  • Pennisetum orientale ‘JS Dance with Me’ PBR.

Five wildly different varieties that all have one thing in common: they all manage to outshine their family members. With spectacular flowers, variegated leaves, well sought-after habits, excellent resistance and an elegant appearance, these are novelties to keep an eye on.  

Plantipp will be sharing details on these novelties on their social media channels, YouTube and their website.