Taizo Chinju Named President of Suntory Flowers

TOKYO, Japan – Suntory Flowers has named Taizo Chinju president, effective April 1.

Taizo has spent nearly half his career with Suntory Holdings in the Suntory Flowers division, starting in 2004. In 2013 he became managing director of international business, spanning both the bedding plant and cut flower businesses globally, as well as corporate strategy.

“Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed building and working with our team members and business partners across the globe,” Taizo says. “So much can be learned and shared from different markets. Since the beginning, Suntory Flowers has focused on creating new markets. Our breeding and marketing teams drive innovation by embracing the spirit of Yatte Minahare! –- which means go for it! I look forward to what we develop next.”

About Suntory Flowers: Since the groundbreaking introduction of Surfinia, the first vegetatively propagated petunias, Suntory has led the way in bringing innovative new varieties to market. These include Million Bells calibrachoas, Tapien and Temari verbenas, Summer Wave torenias and more recently Sun Parasol mandevillas, Senetti pericallis and Soiree catharanthus. From Suntory’s origins as a beverage company in Japan, its focus is to create new products that enrich people’s lives. Suntory Flowers’ message for consumers is “Kantan, Kirei, Jobu,” which means “Easy to Grow, Gorgeous, Longevity” in Japanese. Enjoy Suntory’s “top-shelf” varieties.