Terra Nova Nurseries Reintroduces Trailing Varieties

"Redstone Falls" Photo Courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries

Canby, Ore. – Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding, announced the reintroduction of five fan-favorite, trailing heucherella and tiarella varieties, including Heucherella ‘Plum Cascade’, Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’, Heucherella ‘Yellowstone Falls’, Tiarella ‘Happy Trails’ and Tiarella ‘Appalachian Trail’. These plants have been specifically bred and selected for their exceptional trailing growth habits, making them ideal for enhancing garden, landscape and container aesthetics.

The successful relaunches of Terra Nova’s trailing heucherella and tiarella varieties stem from the company’s dedication to performance-focused breeding and ability to offer plants with traits highly desired by consumers.

Leading the lineup is Heucherella ‘Plum Cascade,’ the company’s first-ever purple heucherella. This variety features deeply lobed, purple-silver leaves complemented by small, light-pink flowers on short stems that bloom May through October. ‘Plum Cascade’ grows with excellent vigor and is ideal for mass plantings, containers, mixed beds and borders. Its cascading foliage also makes it a standout accent plant.

Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’, part of Terra Nova’s Heucherella FALLS™ Series, is cherished for its adaptability across various regions, thriving in conditions from full shade to full sun. Its butterfly-like foliage, splashed with ruby hues, changes colors throughout the seasons, creating a stunning display whether descending from a container or covering the ground.  

Heucherella ‘Yellowstone Falls’, another returning variety from Terra Nova’s FALLS™ Series, displays lobed, chartreuse-colored leaves adorned with deep-crimson markings. This variety excels in containers and hanging baskets with stems that can trail up to three feet. Its spreading, trailing growth habit also makes for a superb groundcover.

Terra Nova is also reintroducing Tiarella ‘Happy Trails’ from the company’s Tiarella AMERICAN TRAILS™ Series. This variety is celebrated for its abundant runners and small, rounded lobed leaves accentuated with a thick black band on the veins. ‘Happy Trails’ is an exceptional choice for shaded groundcovers, cascading down woodland slopes or weaving through other plants in containers and hanging baskets.

The final entry on the company’s list of top trailing varieties being reintroduced is Tiarella ‘Appalachian Trail’, a charming and rapidly spreading groundcover also from Terra Nova’s AMERICAN TRAILS™ Series. This variety sports numerous branches, white flowers and well-marked leaves with a large, splattered pattern. ‘Appalachian Trail’ thrives in partial to full shade and exhibits vigorous growth without becoming unruly, making it an excellent choice for containers and hanging baskets.

Terra Nova Nurseries has created “Plant Profile” pages and “Grower Recipes” specific to these varieties so growers interested in orders can learn about growing habits, plant characteristics, fertilization recommendations, water requirements and other insights provided by the breeding team. These documents can be viewed and downloaded for printing at: www.terranovanurseries.com/product/heucherella-plum-cascade,  www.terranovanurseries.com/product/heucherella-redstone-falls, www.terranovanurseries.com/product/heucherella-yellowstone-falls, www.terranovanurseries.com/product/tiarella-happy-trails and www.terranovanurseries.com/product/tiarella-appalachian-trail.

Finishing growers can contact their Terra Nova Nurseries representatives or email the sales team at sales@terranovanurseries.com.