The Most Googled Flowers in Every Southern State

Flowers symbolize rebirth, understanding, compassion, and love — all of which are attributes and emotions needed in a year filled with unbridled uncertainty. Tending to flower gardens, foraging for wildflowers, and creating floral arrangements at home have become welcomed outlets for stress relief and renewed health during a new normal.

Flowers play a significant role in times of love, loss, and celebration. In tribute to flowers and the joy they bring to many Americans, we conducted a study where we found the most popular flowers around the U.S. by online search volume and by both wholesale and retail sales revenue in every state.


In order to determine the most in-demand flower in every state, we looked at Google Trends search volume data over a 90-day period (March through May 2019) and over the past year. Using the USDA’s Census of Horticultural Specialties, we’ve also determined the best-selling flowers in the U.S. as well as which states sold the most of each best-selling flower.

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