Your Investment in Research Pays Dividends

Science and technology keep moving forward. Sometimes, we may not realize how scientific and technological advancements guide our daily lives and benefit floriculture businesses. The amazingly rapid response of medical researchers to develop COVID-19 vaccines shows the impact on our lives as a whole. At the same time, floriculture research has developed techniques leading to better quality and longer-lasting flowers.

As the industry celebrates 60 years of AFE support for research benefiting all segments of the floral industry, we can be thankful for the investment individuals and companies have made in AFE. The AFE research committee and board focus industry dollars on projects that will have value to the industry.

We recognize that every segment of the industry faces challenges daily that involve providing the best quality plants and flowers to consumers. For 60 years, AFE has been the ‘go-to’ source for funding research and communicating the results, along with the researchers, to the floral industry.

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