ADP Direct Poultry Acquires Cami International

TORONTO – The executives of ADP Direct Poultry would like to announce the acquisition of Cami International Poultry Ltd, effective October 1, 2020.  Cami is a poultry slaughter and processing company located in Welland, Ontario, and employs 55 people.

“I’ve believed for years that vertical integration was critical to the company’s long-term aspirations.  Cami’s business operations end where ADP’s further poultry processing operations begin, so there isn’t overlap between the two businesses.  This acquisition gives ADP a consistent supply of poultry with the size and specification required by ADP customers, which makes Cami the perfect addition to the ADP team’ said Augo Pinho, President & CEO of ADP.

Terms of the deal will remain confidential, but 100% of Cami shares were acquired, and Cami will be 100% controlled by ADP.  The majority of Cami staff will be retained, some sales and accounting functions will be consolidated, but a planned plant expansion will result in a net increase in employees.

“ADP’s strategic plan is focused on organic growth, vertical integration, diversification, and branded products.  The acquisitions of the Blue Goose brand in 2018 and Bonte Foods in January 2020 addressed the branded poultry and product diversification goals, but the vertical integration from the Cami acquisition secures our future and allows us to now focus on organic growth.  This is a giant leap for the company.  We’d like to thank Deloitte Consulting, McBride Wallace Laurent & Cord, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the Chicken Farmers of Ontario for their assistance’ said Christopher Hobbs, Vice President of ADP.

ADP Direct Poultry is a food processing company that serves the grocery retail, food service, industrial, and co-manufacturing markets.  ADP’s 3 plants are all federally-inspected, USDA, BRC, and Halal Certified.  In addition, ADP’s Bonte and Taber Rd facilities are both Certified Multi-Species.  ADP recently installed a new spiral oven and freezer to meet the increased demand for cooked IQF products. ADP is actively growing, both organically and through acquisition.

Cami International Poultry is one of the few primary poultry processors in Ontario with both CFIA and USDA certification.  Cami’s facility produces a premium ‘air chilled’ poultry product, and has significant capacity for growth.