Certified Piedmontese Raises $20k to Support BackPack Program for Children

LINCOLN, Neb. — On Sep. 17 and 18, Certified Piedmontese partnered with Chef David Olson, creator of Live Fire Republic, in a dining-for-charity fundraising event and raised $20k in support of the BackPack Program by the Food Bank of Lincoln as part of the Guest Chef Series launched by Casa Bovina.

In the Guest Chef Series, Certified Piedmontese invites the nation’s foremost chefs to take over Casa Bovina and feature their own tasting menus. The proceeds of this takeover by Chef Olson goes towards The BackPack Program, enabling children without reliable food sources to bring home a food-filled backpack over the weekends and during school breaks to ensure they would not go hungry without the regular school-provided meals.

“It’s a privilege to partner with the Peed family and Certified Piedmontese as an organization,” said Chef Olson. “I believe deeply in the values of the family and community in the business. Coming here to support an organization like the Food Bank of Lincoln and the BackPack Program is a core part of my mission. I’ll fly anywhere in the world to support a cause that would engage our community by providing acknowledgment and resources to address the issues that take place with food, insecurities, and hunger, particularly amongst children.”

The Guest Chef Series continues to make an impact on the culinary and charity scene. “Certified Piedmontese is fortunate to find a partner in Chef David Olson, not only for his creative and delicious food-producing talent, but also the fact that he shares a passion for serving the community that our company deeply values and practices,” said Ben Mohl, Marketing Manager at Certified Piedmontese.

“With two Guest Chef events launched at Casa Bovina, we have made tremendous positive impact with different charities and their causes,” said Joe Finegan, Project Coordinator of Certified Piedmontese. “The local community has been vocal in their support, and Certified Piedmontese is looking to continue the fundraising series with a few more slated this fall. We wish to continue our support and service of charitable foundations and causes, whether local or national.”

The BackPack Program is a Food Bank of Lincoln Child Hunger Program that sends students home on Friday afternoons with food-filled backpacks, helping to provide food for these students and their families over the weekend until they return to school where they know they would have breakfast or lunch. Today, this program serves nearly 2,000 children and their families.

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