Klement Sausage Co. Inc. Named Corporation of the Year

Tom Danneker had barely spent two weeks on the job as chief executive officer of Klement Sausage Co. Inc. when he went to see the Milwaukee Brewers about how the company’s sponsorship of the Famous Racing Sausages could grow.

“Coming in the door, my thought process was, ‘How do we, I guess I would describe it as “double down” on the Brewers relationship, invest more in that relationship to better position the brand for growth?’” Danneker said.

The Brewers, it turned out, had other ideas. The team had reached a deal for Johnsonville LLC to become the sausage sponsor. Danneker thought maybe the deal was a negotiating tactic, but it wasn’t. After 25 years sponsoring the sausage race at the Brewers games, Klement was out.

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