Missouri Attorney General Bailey Successfully Defends State Law Protecting Missouri Meat

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced that his office successfully defended a state law protecting the integrity of advertising surrounding meat products.

“Ensuring that food sold within the State of Missouri is marketed correctly is of vital importance to both consumers and the farmers and ranchers that produce that food,” said Attorney General Bailey. “I will continue to fight to defend the integrity of Missouri’s marketplace.”

“When our association led this legislation nearly six years ago, we were the first state in the country to require labeling with integrity. The legislation in no way prohibited the sale or consumption of these imitation products, but it did require truthful and accurate labeling. Misleading consumers was unacceptable then and it is clear with today’s decision that it’s unacceptable now. We are truly grateful for the work of Attorney General Andrew Bailey and his team,” said Missouri Cattleman’s Association President Chuck Miller.