Unveiling American Floral Endowment’s New Website: Tailored for You

Alexandria, VA – The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is unveiling its redesigned website, featuring seamless navigation, enhanced program accessibility, and a modern, vibrant aesthetic.

The new website reflects AFE’s unwavering commitment to providing easy-to-use, accessible resources and programs supporting research, internships, scholarships, and education for the floral industry. As the Endowment’s initiatives have grown over time, adapting to the industry’s ever-changing needs, the website housing all of the resources has been reshaped as well. Industry members can find resources and programs specific to their business segment, including tailored-specific news, research findings, opportunities, and more. With a focus on accessibility, the redesigned platform ensures that visitors can easily access valuable resources and navigate the website effortlessly.

“We are thrilled to introduce the new website, which embodies our dedication to serving all segments of the industry and all levels, from students to business owners,” said Debi Chedester, AFE Executive Director. “By prioritizing intuitive navigation, user experience, and accessibility, we aim to empower our audiences with the tools and information they need to thrive at any point in their journey within floriculture”

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Key Highlights of the Website Redesign Include:

  • Streamlined Navigation: Intuitive navigation features make it easier for visitors to explore the website and find the content most relevant to their needs. There are landing pages unique to each audience, so every industry member can quickly and easily find the programs and opportunities pertinent to them.
  • Comprehensive Resources: From informative news, webinars, and research findings, to downloadable social media assets and recruitment materials, the website offers a wealth of resources to support industry members at every stage of their careers.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The website has been updated to ensure everyone can access critical resources and information without barriers.The site is also mobile-friendly to accommodate the many on-the-go members of the community.
  • New, Vibrant Aesthetic: The new colors, designs, and imagery throughout the site were chosen to reflect the vibrant, exciting nature of the floral industry. Explore pages highlighted with pinks, purples, greens, and other colors reflecting the bright and colorful world of flowers. 

Whether users seek educational materials, funding, industry insights, or to learn more about the resources available to them, the website has targeted, relevant information for all.

Explore the new site at endowment.org!

About AFE
The American Floral Endowment is the industry’s trusted source and catalyst for floriculture advancement through funding of innovative research, scholarships, internships, and educational grants that best serve the dynamic needs and demographics of all industry sectors. Help AFE continue to support floriculture programs now and in the future. To learn more about AFE or make a tax-deductible contribution, visit www.endowment.org.