National Pork Board Reinforces Pork’s Nutritional Value to Latinos Through Its Newest Platform – Ponle Pork

DES MOINES, Iowa — The National Pork Board is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with celebrity ambassador couple Jorge Bernal (TV personality) and Karla Birbragher (celebrity stylist) with their newest platform – Ponle PorkThe ambassadors, along with six content creators from key Hispanic markets, will reinforce pork’s superior nutritional value by showcasing exciting ways to add this protein to any meal.

The National Pork Board has leveraged the summer grilling season to incorporate pork into families’ dinner tables. This year, however, during Hispanic Heritage Month, the organization is celebrating pork’s rich nutritional value and its integral role in Latinos’ past, present and future.

Based on proprietary research conducted by the National Pork Board, taste remains the top driver of pork purchases among Hispanics. Yet Hispanics often see pork as the heavy centerpiece of meals and may disregard its unique potential as an ingredient to be used. Due to these findings, the National Pork Board will use their Ponle Pork platform to clarify the misconceptions about pork and show how it’s good for you, easy to prepare, and an excellent source of protein to add to any dish. “Hispanics often overlook pork’s nutritious benefits even though it’s one of their favorite foods and has an indisputable, mouthwatering flavor. We’re excited to remind the Hispanic consumer about this protein’s amazing nutritional value,” said José de Jesús, senior director of multicultural marketing at the National Pork Board. 

Bernal and Birbragher’s content will highlight different fresh pork cuts while sharing unique, easy-to-prepare flavorful recipes that can add superior nutritional value to any dish. “We are so grateful to join the National Pork Board in their launch of Ponle Pork. Like a true Cuban, I can’t say no to some good lechón. My wife Karla and I can’t wait to show our Hispanic community how we incorporate pork in our family meals, and why you are missing out if you’re not adding a piece of flavor and happiness [pork] to your plate!” Bernal said.

One of the couple’s favorite recipes is ground pork and quinoa stuffed bell peppers and can be easily cooked on the grill. This recipe, along with others, will be highlighted on To see the latest brand spot, view recipes, and how-tos, and stay up to date with the latest pork facts and content, visit and follow @PorkEsSabor on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

About the National Pork Board
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