New Line of Individual Goat Meat Cuts Now Available from The Marx Companies

Newark, NJ — The Marx Companies is excited to announce the arrival of one of its newest premium meat programs: pasture-raised goat from New Zealand. The company will debut this program during the Fancy Food Show at Booth #1873.

Goat has previously only been available to distributors and chefs as a six-way-cut whole carcass. In partnership with New Zealand brand Ovation, The Marx Companies is now offering a full line of individual cuts, including:

  • Frenched Racks
  • Boneless Loins
  • Tenderloins
  • Bone-In Legs
  • Bone-In Breasts (Flaps)
  • Foreshanks
  • Boneless Shoulders
  • Trimmings

These cuts are now available for distributors and foodservice professionals. The company plans to extend the selection to consumers through its e-commerce website,, at a later date.

Humanely raised free range on biodiverse farms in New Zealand, the Angora goat breed is a healthy and lean meat breed. This program is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and GMOs (which are illegal in New Zealand).

Visit The Marx Companies on Level 3 at Booth #1873 to learn more about this new program and explore their entire portfolio of specialty meat and seafood programs.

About Marx Companies: 
Since 1895, the Marx family has specialized in sourcing the highest quality meats from around the globe. With five generations of meat knowledge and an experienced staff of chefs, butchers and professionals, Marx is dedicated to bringing the best to your business. Offering innovative cuts and the finest meat programs — including pasture-raised lamb, grass-fed beef and venison from New Zealand; legendary Iberico pork from Spain; wild-caught boar from Texas; and much more — Marx supplies distributors, chefs and restaurants, and adventurous home cooks with unmatched quality, selection and freshness. Visit to learn more.