New Program Rewards Long-Term Superior Farms Lamb Producers

DAVIS, Calif.– Superior Farms launched a new program this week to extend appreciation to long-term producer partners who are committed to company programs and brands. The Superior Farms Producer Leader Program (SFPLP) recognizes these individuals through three tiers of requirements and rewards.

Producers who have supplied at least 200 lambs per year to Superior Farms for two consecutive years are eligible for the Silver tier of the program. Additional criteria must be met to move up the tiers. The three tiers of the program are: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

One of the biggest rewards offered to qualifying producers is detailed lot reports generated from the electronic grading equipment recently installed at Superior Farms’ Dixon and Denver facilities. Real-time data will be accessible through an online portal and will include a picture of the carcass, hot and cold carcass weights, projected weights of the primals, yield grade, quality grade, reports that compare the lots, and year over year data.

“Electronic grading is very new to everyone in the industry,” said Lesa Eidman, Director of Producer Relations and Sustainability. “But in sharing the data generated from electronic grading, producers will be able to make production and genetic changes to their flocks to meet the standards of lamb quality demanded by our customers.”

John Noh, an Idaho sheep producer, said, “We are very proud to be a part of Superior Farm’s Producer Leadership Program. The data will allow us to focus on quality improvement as well as to collaborate on lamb promotion. In addition to being part of SFPLP, our long-term relationship with Superior Farms allows us to receive a fair and consistent price for our lambs. American lamb is a superior product and as producers we all have an obligation to promote that product. It’s as simple as telling our story, being present, and loving what we do!”

Another benefit to producers through the SFPLP will be the opportunity to work with customers and consumers by attending an American Lamb Board Lamb Jam event as well as participation in other consumer marketing events. “By bringing the producer to our customers we will have the opportunity to collaboratively work together in telling the story of ranching and lamb production,” said Eidman.

Additional rewards at the Gold and Platinum tier levels include participation in new product development and testing, free Superior Farms wearables, invitations to Superior Farms events as well as email updates.

“By creating this exclusive program we hope to further build trust with our producer community and to rely on these producers to provide industry feedback,” said Eidman.

Producers who qualify for the 2016 SFPLP are being notified this month and will receive a certificate and letter explaining the program in more detail.

Superior Farms, with headquarters in Davis, California, is an employee-owner processor and marketer of American lamb. The company is the recognized leader in the retail and foodservice markets it serves, providing products and services to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and more than 10 countries. The company has approximately 400 employee-owners at its nationwide network of facilities and offices. Follow on Twitter: @eatlamb

Source: Superior Farms