Niman Ranch Debuts Darfresh Packaging to Extend Shelf Life, Fight Food Waste, Showcase Quality & Increase Convenience

WESTMINSTER, Col. – This month, premium natural meat leader Niman Ranch debuted Cryovac Darfresh® packaging for its fresh pork. The Cryovac Darfresh® Tray packaging provides a hermetic seal completely surrounding the pork to preserve color, flavor and product integrity. This new packaging technology extends product shelf-life up to 35 days, fighting food waste and increasing retailer profits through a longer merchandizing window.

“As a quality-driven brand, we are proud to now offer Darfresh® packaging to our grocer partners, better showcasing our pork’s remarkable marbling and color and retaining peak quality,” shared Chris Oliviero, Niman Ranch General Manager. “When a product looks and tastes this good, it deserves to be on full display, which Darfresh® offers. This new packaging is one more way that we stand by our commitment to offering the best customer experience and the finest tasting meat in the world,” Oliviero continued. Niman Ranch works with a network of small independent family farmers and ranchers, raising livestock sustainably and humanely, with no antibiotics or added hormones—ever.

Darfresh® packaging is a sustainable solution that resonates with today’s conscious consumers. The United Nations estimates about a third of food produced annually is wasted—a concerning fact for sustainability-driven eaters. Darfresh’s patented technology fights food waste on grocery shelves and in consumer fridges or freezers, extending shelf life and guarding against freezer burn.

Niman Ranch’s new easy-open case-ready packaging offers a new benefit to convenience-driven consumers looking for shorter grocery store visits and more Click & Collect or home delivery shopping experiences. Case-ready packaging is increasingly in demand, with over 80% of consumers considering case-ready products to be equal to or better quality than meat packaged in the store, according to the latest The Power of Meat Report. With consumers spending less time in stores, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic, and skilled staffing a continued challenge for grocers, the convenience and safety of Darfresh® case-ready packaging is an ideal solution.

Upscale New York City grocer Morton Williams Supermarkets is the first retailer in the country carrying Niman Ranch’s new Darfresh® packaging“At Morton Williams, we always offer our customers the best quality and convenience,” said Morton Williams Meat and Seafood Director Victor Colello. “We are excited to now carry this all-natural pork line from Niman Ranch with no antibiotics or hormones for our customers looking for great taste, sustainable food and shopping convenience.” Morton Williams has 16 fresh markets across the New York City metro area.