North Country Smokehouse Elevates the Humble Bacon Crumble

Available in Certified Humane® and Non-GMO Organic Recipes

CLAREMONT, N.H. — North Country Smokehouse has introduced the first of several new bacon crumble offerings with the recent launch of their Organic Applewood Smoked Bacon Crumbles currently on shelf at Hannaford Supermarkets.

Our bacon has always been synonymous with premium quality and craftsmanship,” says Chris Mattera, Culinary Innovator. “The new crumbles are no exception.” The results of the company’s product development survey were clear. End users are tired of dry, flaky bits that sort of resemble bacon – but not really.

As a result, NCS took to handcrafting a premium yet unpretentious crumble that honors the roots of meat mastery. The crumbles have the same exceptional flavor and meaty bite as their signature smoked strips and are free from all the fake stuff.

First, they start by selecting the finest pork bellies from their very own vertically integrated farms. Then, they bathe the bellies in a secret New England Made Maple syrup brine before smoking them low & slow for hours on end over choice hardwood. Finally, they crumble them into hearty, irregular-shaped pieces. Available in both uncured Certified Humane® and organic recipes, in retail and bulk foodservice sizes, the product promises a savory experience unlike anything currently available on the market.

“Food inflation and fluctuating markets have foodservice operators looking for ways to lessen labor costs and increase menu efficiencies.” Says Mattera. “Bacon crumbles are a fantastic way to do that, but a subpar product can diminish a dish. In that case, you must ask yourself what the actual cost is? If you’re using a product at the expense of flavor, then the price is too high.” Bold statement and very on brand for the century old smokehouse.

For those craving a new culinary adventure, North Country Smokehouse is offering complimentary samples to retailers and end users in search of flavor and fortitude.

About North Country Smokehouse

As one of America’s few remaining family-owned smokehouses, North Country’s mission is to hand craft premium, artisanal smoked meats through culinary excellence, exceptional animal care standards, and respect for the land. Located in the heart of New England, their authentic charcuterie features only the best hand-selected, natural ingredients and small batch smoking process over embers of local hardwoods.

The NCS product line features smoked bacon, ham, sausages, deli meats, and unique offerings like smoked chicken, and Cajun Pork Tasso. Voted Best Bacon in a unanimous Chef vote by The Kitchn and The Best Bacon in America by Food & Wine, North Country is noted for balancing taste with time-honored tradition and modern food trends.