Perdue Farms Extends Partnership with GreenGasUSA to Further Reduce Carbon Emissions in Food Production

Salisbury, Md. — As part of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, Perdue Farms, a family-owned, vertically integrated food and agriculture company has extended its partnership with GreenGasUSA to advance its carbon-reduction goals.

In the companies’ second carbon-reduction initiative together, GreenGas will upgrade an existing methane-capture installation at Perdue’s Cromwell, Ky., facility with value-added modernization that will not only improve the facility’s operational efficiency and reduce its environmental footprint, but also benefits the surrounding community by creating local jobs.

A leading provider of renewable energy solutions, GreenGas helps farmers, food processors, and industrial manufacturers capture greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their operations. Through wastewater optimization and anaerobic digestion, the company converts waste streams into renewable natural gas (RNG), which is used by their customers as a zero- and negative-carbon fuel source to offset and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

This project is slated for completion in the fourth quarter of 2023 and expected to reduce the operation’s GHG emission by 5,000 MTCO2e per year.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Perdue Farms to provide solutions for their Cromwell plant. Through the execution of our RNG project, we will help Perdue with improvements to their existing digester, facilitating the removal of digestate to improve digester performance, and bring renewable energy to the Kentucky utility grid. With our vendor partners we are able to bring quick results to Cromwell and have the project operational this year,” said CEO and Founder of GreenGasUSA, Marc Fetten.

“Working with like-minded partners like GreenGas, we’re able to accelerate our environmental efforts and continue reducing the impact of our business, as well as benefit the communities around our operations,” said Drew Getty, Perdue Farms vice president of environmental sustainability. “Following the high-impact success of our first project together in North Carolina – through which we are on track to reduce our companywide carbon emissions by 17 percent – expanding our partnership with GreenGas was an obvious next step in our ongoing journey of continuous improvement at Perdue.”

In January 2023, Perdue and GreenGas announced the successful launch of a similar project at Perdue’s Lewiston, N.C. facility to capture the methane from the operation’s onsite wastewater treatment facility and convert it to RNG. Through the first six months of operation, more than 40,000 metric tons of CO2e were captured and converted to RNG – the GHG equivalent of eliminating 4.5 million gallons of gasoline being consumed. Find a video explaining the project here.

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