Roundy’s Supermarkets Adds New Sahlen’s Hot Dogs to Over 100 Locations

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Sahlen Packing Co., the family-owned and operated food production company announced that three of its hot dog products are now available in Roundy’s Supermarkets.

Roundy’s customers can now find three different varieties of Sahlen’s flagship products at their stores: Tender Casing Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs, Tender Casing All Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs, and Tender Casing Pork & Beef Footlong Hot Dogs.

Sahlen’s products are crafted using fresh, gluten-free ingredients, a unique blend of Smokehouse seasonings, and encased in a specialty collagen casing that gives each hot dog its signature snap. Roundy’s customers have a new hot dog option that’s perfect for grilling, pan-frying, and broiling.

When it comes to increasing the national reach of Sahlen’s Hot Dogs by partnering with Roundy’s Supermarkets, Sahlen’s VP of Marketing, Kenneth Voelker, explained, “First, I want to say how excited I am for Roundy’s customers. We receive messages on a regular basis from fans of Sahlen’s Hot Dogs in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio, asking where they can find our premium hot dog products. Adding a partner like Roundy’s to deliver these in-demand products, as well as our latest Grilled For You™ product, is key to satisfying existing Sahlen loyalists and introducing new customers to our flagship products. Second, it’s not every day you get to partner with a company that’s been in business almost as long as yours.”

Founded in 1872, just three years after the 1869 founding of Sahlen Packing Co., and headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Roundy’s Supermarkets is now a subsidiary of The Kroger Company of Cincinnati, OH. Roundy’s operates 145 grocery store locations and 99 pharmacies, throughout the upper Midwest United States.

The supermarket operator also plans to add the newest product release from the five-generation-owned food manufacturer—Sahlen’s Grilled For You™ Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs in Spring 2023.

Ready to heat and eat within minutes, Sahlen’s Grilled For You™ Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs are available in nine-ounce packages, and come with real grill char marks, an authentic fresh-off-the-grill flavor, and a wide variety of ways to quickly prepare the product—no grill necessary.

Sahlen Packing Co., has ensured the highest quality meat product for retailers, foodservice operators, and families across the country throughout its 150-year history. This heritage of quality and freshness spans the entire Sahlen product line, including Polish and Italian sausages, a variety of deli meats, and the flagship Smokehouse Tender Casing Hot Dogs, which Roundy’s customers can begin purchasing, grilling, and enjoying for themselves.

Now a five-generation family business, and sharing a like-minded, community-oriented approach as Roundy’s, Sahlen Packing Co. has increased its national distribution and consumer demand thanks to a company-wide commitment to quality food production practices, active community outreach initiatives, and strong relationship-building with retailers like Roundy’s Supermarkets.

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