Texas Meat Packers “Beefs Up” Food Safety Process

Fort Worth, TX – Texas Meat Packers (TMP) is pleased to announce the hiring of its new Director of Quality Control, Nikkie Vazquez.  Mrs. Vazquez comes to TMP with nearly two decades of experience after graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Meat and Animal Science.  She is PCQI and ISO 9001 Quality Certified, two of the industry’s leading designations.

“I’m excited to be a part of the TMP team. We continue to monitor and tweak our quality control practices and procedures to consistently deliver the highest-quality products to our customers,” says Mrs. Vazquez. “I’m proud to say that our production process is on par with industry best practices,” she adds.

“Quality control and food safety are our biggest priorities,” says new CEO David Eberstein. “We follow best practices across the entire company and plant, consistent with our British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification.  As we like to say, ‘best practices lead to best execution’, and this is something we are both committed to and passionate about.”

Mr. Eberstein, who also heads private equity investment firm Everstone Capital, assumed the CEO position when his firm acquired TMP and its affiliate, Patterson Food Processors, in late 2018. Everstone has successfully recapitalized the company’s balance sheet and committed significant resources to fund capital improvements and growth.  TMP continues to upgrade its personnel, plant, equipment, and capabilities.

“We’re excited to help a 75-year-old local company grow and prosper,” says Eberstein. “It’s good for the community, our customers, our employees, and our suppliers,” he adds.

Texas Meat Packers is located at 8905 Forum Way, Fort Worth, TX 76140. Phone: 817-546-3561. URL is https://TexasMeatPackers.com. David Eberstein is available for interviews about Texas Meat Packers, Patterson Food Processors, and the private equity investment industry.  

Everstone Capital is a Fort Worth, Texas-based private investment firm.