AeroFarms to Add 66 Jobs in Pittsylvania

New Jersey-based leafy greens producer AeroFarms plans to add 66 more jobs as it increases production at its vertical farm in Pittsylvania County, the governor’s office announced this week.

This is in addition to the 92 jobs promised in its operations at Cane Creek Centre, a $42 million investment in what is promoted as the world’s largest indoor vertical farm. The company, a certified B Corporation that is one of the leading producers of salad greens, said it is expanding to meet increased customer demand. Greens grown there will primarily go to grocery stores in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast markets, within a day’s drive of Pittsylvania.

“Virginia continues to be the premier location for companies using technology and innovation to become leaders in their industry by generating massive benefits to consumers and investors,” Gov. Glenn Youngkin said in a statement. “I want to thank AeroFarms for their continued commitment to the commonwealth and commend Danville-Pittsylvania County for their cooperative and highly effective approach to economic development that will create new jobs and economic opportunities for Virginians.”

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