“Ag Millennials” Welcome the Future of B2B Trading With the Launch of Growerstock’s Mobile App

LOS ANGELES– Growerstock has launched the Growerstock IOS App. This launch instantly boosts procurement speed on the Growerstock platform and further fuels the rapid growth of the Growerstock Network.

Pew Research reports that there are more ‘First Digital Generation’ Millennials in the workforce than any other age-group and 73% report they are involved in purchase-making decisions. As Millennials increase spending power and influence on the farm, the Growerstock solution provides the digital experience that this generation demands.

Optimized for mobile, the Growerstock IOS App gives buyers and sellers the ability to trade, track and communicate securely from anywhere. From beach, to ski slope, to the golf course – push notifications alert members when an opportunity presents itself for immediate action. Deal makers will never miss an opportunity and can keep tabs on active trades with the intuitive IOS App.

“Technology enables agility, which is critical to the future success of the Ag Industry. With this launch, we have created the most robust and agile mobile trading app available to produce professionals today,” said Tony Nuovo, co-founder and CEO of Growerstock. “We are excited to bring a superior level of mobile service to a rapidly changing industry.”

About Growerstock:

Growerstock is a time-driven trading platform for the fresh produce industry that empowers buyers to quickly discover and buy from verified sellers. Growerstock’s mission is to optimize the open-market sales pipeline so produce buyers and sellers of all sizes can expedite trade in a safe and secure environment, and consumers everywhere can enjoy the healthiest and freshest produce available.

Growerstock’s expert platform provides commercial buyers with direct and untethered access to grower/shippers in its unrivaled fresh produce marketplace. Growerstock’s tools for online trading are designed to boost produce professionals productivity, while reducing costs and facilitating new business.