Alpine Fresh – Leading The Asparagus Industry Into Canada

Alpine Fresh headquartered in Miami, Florida, a major grower, packer and shipper of asparagus is crossing international borders into Canada with freshness.

Alpine Fresh, reports that they are leading the market with the first shipments of non-fumigated Peruvian asparagus from Florida to Canada. On Monday, November 7th, this shipper transited 26,640 pounds of fresh Peruvian asparagus from Miami into Canada destined for the Canadian retail market.

Alpine Fresh, one of the first produce companies to obtain an In-transit permit from the United States Department of Agriculture, is paving the way for more shipments into Canada. Ashley Yager, Promotions Director for the company states, “We jumped at the opportunity to be the first asparagus company to ship untreated Peruvian asparagus from the port of Miami, through the U.S., and beyond the Canadian border.” Alpine Fresh has played a key role along with Nelly Yunta of Customized Brokers, and others in the industry in the ongoing process to obtain this permit and acquire authorization and approval from the USDA.

Walter Yager, CEO of Alpine Fresh states, “This new protocol by USDA will significantly increase the shelf -life of transiting fresh asparagus, while helping to keep the logistics cost down. Previously, non-fumigated asparagus had to be transshipped thru New York or airlifted directly to Canada with very limited space on aircrafts and at a significantly higher cost.”

“This new permit is a significant milestone for the Peruvian asparagus industry and is a testament to what our industry can do when we work together with the USDA towards advancing the logistics process,” adds Ashley Yager.

Alpine Fresh reports that imports of Peruvian asparagus into Canada will significantly increase due to the new protocol – their customers are eager about the opportunity to promote Peruvian asparagus all throughout Canada.

Source: Alpine Fresh