Apeel Launches ‘It’s Easier than Ever’ Campaign to Communicate Advancements to their Business

Goleta, Calif. – Apeel Sciences, a supply-chain innovation company, has created a suite of technologies that enable suppliers to safeguard and grow their businesses. Apeel has launched a new campaign to communicate their latest advancements, making their business model faster, cheaper and easier for its partners. These technology improvements include: decreased installation time, 10x footprint reduction due to removal of the need for a drying tunnel, and elimination of the need for on-site Apeel staff. This enables less fuss and less disruption, creating more value to customers with a larger impact on their bottom line. These differentiators include the following benefits:

  • Fit right into existing operations without disrupting the supply chain
    • Fast and easy installation, greatly reducing the original needed footprint
  • Lowered operational impact to improve packout and reduce rejections while maximizing margins
    • Easily operationalized on existing equipment and packhouse workforce, with little to no onsite staff required
  • Increased efficiency to offer longer-lasting produce with less legwork, more control
    • Faster processing time, no on-site mixing required

Apeel was created with the intention of working with nature to create abundance for all. This includes plant based post harvest formulation options for the fresh food industry. Apeel gives suppliers, retailers, and consumers more time by applying its plant-based extra “peel” to produce that slows aging. When combined with Apeel’s newest measurement tools – RipeTrack, the company is giving suppliers the confidence to manage time at every point in their supply chain. Throughout the new campaign, Apeel is highlighting changes to their processes that bring new benefits to their customers: a new application process that does not require facility modifications, low maintenance operations that are supplier managed, and low price fixed annual fee. 

“Our focus has been on listening to our customers and responding with technology advancements that enable us to work with them in the way they were asking for,” said James Rogers, CEO of Apeel Sciences. “We have transformed our process for our customers to bring greater value at a lower cost. We aim to communicate this promise and highlight the changes we’ve made to make it easier to work with Apeel. The technological advances underpinning these new operational efficiencies have allowed us to reinvent the way we integrate with our customers, paving the way for abundance for all.”

Last month at IFPA, Apeel rolled out its RipeTrack Program, designed to create operational efficiencies through the advancement of technology with the customer in mind. RipeTrack enables 3X more accurate readings of ripeness through quantifiable digitized measurement and tracking, a 40% reduction in inspection time, and instant imaging and quality analysis. 

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