Bobalu Honored to be Recognized with Two Awards

Oxnard, CA – Bobalu was recently honored by receiving two separate industry awards.  The first award was in recognition of creative work in development of their new website, and the second was acknowledging the company’s efforts in reducing food waste. 

The award presented to Cindy Jewell from Graphic Design, USA earlier this month was to recognize Bobalu Berries with a 2021 American Web Design Award.  The award was a very welcome surprise following a years’ work in building and expanding on a new site for Bobalu Berries.   

Bobalu Berries was recognized in September at the Sustainable Produce Summit as the food waste category winner as part of the “Best of SPS Marketing Awards”.  Bobalu was acknowledged for the work they do in the field every day reducing the number of berries wasted during harvest.  It was noted during the awards presentation that each harvesting employee carries a bucket attached to their picking cart to capture every berry on the plant.  Fruit harvested each day is either placed into a clamshell for the fresh market sent on to retail customers or placed in the bucket to be diverted to the processed market and ultimately be used as ingredients.    

“Receiving an award of any kind is an honor, and we greatly appreciate the recognition from both organizations” says Cindy Jewell, marketing for Bobalu. “The website award really serves as motivation to continue to broaden the scope of our site to build on brand awareness and provide valuable and timely resources to trading partners and consumers” she adds. “Additionally, any recognition received focused on sustainability is greatly appreciated as the company continues to expand in reducing waste and increasing efficiencies” says Jewell.