California Giant Announces Recipe Contest Winners

Watsonville – Knowing consumers are continually seeking new ways to enjoy fresh berries, California Giant Berry Farms partnered with the Food and Culinary Professionals division (FCP) of the American Dietetic Association this Spring to host a recipe contest. Tapping into an influential group of food and culinary dietitians, the contest encouraged participants to develop Main, Side and Starter recipes incorporating fresh berries as part of a healthy lifestyle. The “Reciberries for Life” contest specifically challenged members to develop creative and unique recipes for berries that inspire at-home chefs to include berries in their everyday menu. FCP and California Giant Berry Farms acknowledged recipes in seven categories.

The winning recipes were just announced with the grand prize going to a “Double Berry Rice” entry that includes both blackberries and raspberries. Served either hot or cold this recipe is great for summer berry season, picnics and family BBQs. “This is exactly the type of recipe we were looking for in creativity, appearance, and something that would really showcase our berries. It’s perfect timing to have these recipes available for peak season,” says Cindy Jewell, Director of Marketing at California Giant.

Other winning recipes featuring the full range of the company’s berries included Fire and Ice Salad that includes all bush berries, Strawberry Basil Bruschetta, Very Berry White Chocolate Smoothie featuring fresh strawberries and raspberries, and Berry Stuffed Chicken Rolls using both blueberries and raspberries.

All submissions were judged on taste and texture, ingredient availability, ease of preparation, overall appearance and appeal. Given the audience, it was not a surprise that most entrants included nutritional information. California Giant is excited to share new recipes with existing fans of its delicious fresh berries—and thrilled to have made new fans with the participating dieticians. The group was very engaged in the contest and offered positive feedback.

“I had a great time with this process. I hope your customers enjoy the recipe. Sincerely, Jessica”

“Thank you for having the Reciberry contest. I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting, not to mention my family having to do several taste testings! Thanks so much, Judy”

“THANK YOU for your support of FCP and for offering such a super-fun contest! I entered three recipes (and tested several more!) and enjoyed developing non-dessert berry recipes! -Serena”

Winning recipes will be featured in FCP materials and California Giant Berry Farms is sharing the award-winning recipes on its website ( and mobile site, ( Through an ongoing social media program, California Giant will also promote the recipes on Facebook, Twitter and to the food blogging community. Additionally, contest winners will be linking their individual websites and blogs to California Giant’s website.

Source: California Giant Berry Farms