Catalytic Generators Launches The Easy-Ripe XT

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, USA – Catalytic Generators today announced the launch of a new version of the Easy-Ripe® Generator that can be permanently installed on the exterior of a ripening room. Called the Easy-Ripe® XT, this model produces ethylene on the room’s exterior and uses a flue system to direct the generator’s ethylene output into the room. Rooms that have little or no convenient space for the generator inside the room will benefit from this exterior mounting of the unit.

The Easy-Ripe® XT utilizes a sealed, insulated elbow joint which is mounted outside of a ripening room. Inside the room, pipes will be able to connect to the flue, and disperse the ethylene uniformly. This creates added space inside the ripening room so pallets can be more tightly packed.

“There are other advantages to the Easy-Ripe® XT,” stated Greg Akins, President & CEO of Catalytic Generators. “This modification adds convenience to the daily operations within a ripening facility. Imagine walking amongst the rooms and, to check on ethylene application, instead of opening each room, or trying to peer inside, simply have a quick look of every Easy-Ripe® as you walk by.” Ripeners will be able to easily check the generator operation and Ethy-Gen® II levels as part of their quality control procedures.

The specially designed tank that holds the ethylene-creating Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate is another feature of the Easy-Ripe® XT. Akins shared that as part of this improved tank, they also crafted a liquid-indicating cap. “Catalytic Generators wanted to incorporate a new tank with improved closure,” he described. “Not only does this cap provide better security, it also integrates a liquid level indicator, making it easy to know how much EthyGen® II is in the tank.”

The Easy-Ripe® XT will be available to ripeners in a few months. Akins also pointed out that the company is working towards providing ethylene control modules. “If a ripener needs reliable ethylene sensors, we are working on two new products that will provide ripeners with the ability to have exact ethylene control via setpoint. These products are driven by an ethylene sensing system based on technology that improves sensor accuracy and dependability,” said Akins. The two products, which monitor and control ethylene levels in ripening rooms, degreening rooms, and storage rooms, will be released later in the year.

About Catalytic Generators, LLC

The process of producing ethylene in ripening rooms was invented and patented by Catalytic Generators in 1973. The system consists of a catalytic type generator that converts a liquid concentrate, called Ethy-Gen® II, into safe levels of ethylene, which is a natural plant hormone produced by many fruits, including bananas, tomatoes, avocados, mangos, and pears. With a strategic distribution network, Catalytic Generators offers its customers timely service and delivery across the globe.